Privacy Policy

Artifacia takes privacy very seriously and is committed to ensuring Your privacy while at the same time trying to make your life easier and more personalised online. Please be reminded that even though we may display links to third-party websites, those websites are not subject to this Policy. Artifacia does not endorse nor control in anyway the content and policies of those sites.

Data collected and use

Personal information we may have to collect to grant you access to the services include:

full name

company name

email address

mobile Number

The above information is used to provide you with a personalised experience and to create the invoices you will receive. It is also used for targeted mailing initiatives. In addition, any photo that you submit to Artifacia will be transferred to its servers for processing. This is a needed step to provide You with the services. Once processed, the photos may remain on Artifacia storage, to help Artifacia build a better and more adapted experience for You. As a user of a paid plan You may request that Your photos be immediately deleted from our servers after processing, by sending us an email. If You do not want Your photos to be transferred to Artifacia servers, You must not use the services. Artifacia will never disclose any of your private information nor any of the photos you have submitted to third parties without your consent, except in the following cases:

Legal obligation

Changes in the business: if Artifacia is sold to a third party or acquires a third party, then personal data may become part of the asset transfer. Your personal information would still remain subject to the commitments detailed in this Policy or an equivalent.

Other specific cases where we believe in good faith that communicating your personal information to third parties is needed to protect the rights or property of the Company and/or its customers


Artifacia is not meant to be used by users under 18. No information from underaged people should be submitted.

Security of Your data

Your data will be stored on secure servers in Asia and/or in North America. The servers used for this storage will be protected and located in secure facilities to prevent any fraudulent access. You should though be reminded that we can not guarantee that your data is 100% secure. Data transmission over the Internet is not 100% secure. As a result, transmitting Your personal information or Your photos to Artifacia is done at your own risk.


Artifacia makes use of cookies to enable you to access your private information and your private services. This helps Artifacia remember your preferences and account number. While navigating on, you may notice other third-party cookies. These cookies are not affiliated to Artifacia and we do not control the settings of those cookies. The third parties may include Google, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Changes to this policy

This policy may change from time to time to adapt to legislation changes, best practices or service enhancements.

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